Charles W. Monday, Jr. M.D.
General Surgery

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June 3, 2020


Dear Patient,

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing my retirement from active practice effective August 31, 2020.

It has been a great pleasure providing for your health care needs over the years. It was not easy for me to make the decision. Please make an appointment to see me during the next 3 months or call to obtain a copy of your medical records.

After September 1st, Texas Surgery Center, the offices of Drs. Urmil Shukla and Stavan Parmar, have agreed to be custodian of your records. They both have agreed to follow up with your specialty care or if you wish, transfer your records to another doctor of your choice. Doctors Shukla and Parmar are both extremely qualified in General Surgery, including gastrointestinal endoscopy and are Boarded and are Fellows of the American College of Surgeons. Over the last few years, I have referred my patients to these doctors for colon cancer, gallbladder surgery, complex hernia surgery, breast surgery, hiatus hernia, and weight loss surgery. Their office is down the walk from my office in Suite 10.


Only with your written permission can anyone examine your records. Your medical records will be kept for at least 7 years. To obtain a copy of your records after August 31, 2020, you will need to contact Texas Surgery Center.


Texas Surgery Center

130 Medical Center Parkway, Suite 10

Huntsville, Texas 77340



I have always sent reminder letters regarding need for follow up Colonscopy and/or EGD, but you were given instructions after your last examination and copies of the recommendations were sent to your primary provider. I do not want you to stop these preventative exams. Best recommendations continue to change, for example, a sensitive cologaurd test is now available. Please discuss with your primary physician, Dr. Shukla, Dr. Parmar or another qualified gastrointestinal doctor of your choice.


In general, I recommend breast cancer patients have a breast exam every 6 months and a mammogram every 6 months for 5 years after treatment; then yearly. Of course, other factors may change recommendations. I recommend all cancer patients have blood testing at least yearly through their primary provider or oncologist. Dr. Urmil Shukla and Dr. Stavan Parmar are very qualified breast surgeons and have agreed to follow up for me, or if you prefer, you may transfer your records to another surgeon of your choice.


I value our relationship greatly. Thank you for your loyalty and friendship over the years. Best wishes for your future health.





Charles W. Monday, Jr., M.D. FACS